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Architectural Visualization – Seeing is believing!

Your dream house is located on a quiet beach where the waves practically break on your doorstep. Although you are starting to imagine all the amazing elements of the final home; Architectural Visualization brings it to life in a realistic model to enable you to make your dream a reality.

While staring at the empty land you just purchased, you envisage the entrance to the living area which should reveal a view of Table Mountain. You say to yourself: “yes at least 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and definitely a terrace wrapped around the house – it’s going to be a masterpiece!” Yet, with so many options and creative ideas you would want to see it before plunging into building your house straight away.

From dream to reality in the right way…

Architectural visualization is the recreation of your design ideas within a digital simulation which is impressively accurate and photo-realistic. This method has become undeniably one of the most effective, advanced, and time effective ways for an architect to bring his work to life for an investor or buyer of a property; or for an owner to see the final product before starting the actual building process.

The saying a picture is worth more than a thousand words truly comes to life when you think of Architectural Visualization.

Ten21 is the team to sculpt the Architectural Visualization of your project

The Ten21 Visual Architectural design team specializes in 3D architectural rendering, 3D visualization, 3D modeling, animation, 3D floor plans, 3D Interior, 3D house plans and 3D landscaping.

Our designers are well trained in transforming all kinds of architectural documentation into accurate and detailed 3D computer models and visualization products. All we need to complete a 3D image or flythrough is a copy of your structural plans and material lists.

Our team of professional artists works closely with architects, developers and interior designers to create exquisite photo like renderings that will breathe life into your incomprehensible blue prints.

We work form CAD files, scanned blue prints or even hand drawings, provided that they include a dimensional floor plan, roof plan, elevations and site map. If you would like interior rendering to be included, an electrical plan will also be required so that interior spaces can be accurately illuminated.

You name it and we’ll create it!

We create a vision of something that does not yet exist and transform it into a complete marketable product, even before the first brick has been laid.

Beyond the structural creation, the sky is the limit and we also do interior visualization to complete your entire vision! Interior design can go as far as furniture modeling along with specific textures, colors, carpets, drapes, plants and just about anything that you which to include into your home long before you move in!

The completed model is placed in a scene with people, vehicles, landscaping and a background that will breathe realism into the final product.

It is vital for any developer that aims to sell a product that is still in the developing stages of the project to be able to accurately portray the end result to a prospective client. Think of Architectural Visualization as the ultimate estate agent, by being able to see the final product beforehand; thereby offering an opportunity to spot potential problems; inspire different ideas; note lack of light and ensure 100% success of your plans before commencing the formal construction which involves a huge capital outlay.

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