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Animation and Multi-Media

In television or motion picture filming, when you add movement to a static object, the objects appear to come to life! Thus, moving diagrams or cartoons that are made up of a sequence of images, displayed quickly one after the other, is ANIMATION. Animations are created for entertainment, ad banners, instructional sequences and many more.

History of Animation:

The first examples of trying to capture motion into a drawing can already be found in Paleolithic cave paintings, where animals are depicted with multiple legs in superimposed positions, clearly attempting to depict a sense of motion. In the 17 th to 19 th centuries, simple animation devices were invented long before film projectors. These were more complex versions of the flip book, often using drawings, painting, photos or slides rotating card/s or cylinder. These “optical toys” tricked the eye into believing that the images were moving. The first animation on standard picture film was “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces” by J. Stuart Blackton in the year 1906. It features a cartoonist drawing faces in a chalkboard, and the faces apparently coming to life.

Animation can be quite costly because the process of filming requires that each frame be shot individually. A typical 30-second commercial may consist out of more than 1000 drawings or movement of objects, making the cost of materials and labor quite expensive. A typical example of the above would be Vodacom’s animated character that can really shake his toosh and can roller blade with his girlfriend. Animation can be extremely effective keeping in mind the target audience and the message you would like to convey. You would think that animation only appeals to kids but truly it appeals to the child inside of you, no matter the age…

There are lots of elements to consider when taking the animation route. For one, what character? Realistic or Non-realistic? Simple or Detailed? Secondly, it can be combined with real life elements for instance the Corsa Lite commercial – using simple animation with video footage of the vehicle – “the lite side of life”. That brings me to the third element, the message you would like to convey must work with the character and the animation. With multiple elements influencing your animation, it’s best to revert to the experts in the field.

Ten 2 One can create your 3D character that takes all the above in consideration and then add motion, making your brand move with style and precision…

Process employed:

  • Production strategy and budget planning
  • Broadcast formats and platforms
  • Concepts, storyboarding and pilots
  • Project management

Production of the Animated Project:

  • Animation – video / flash / 3D
  • Flash animations – optimized for web
  • 3D animation – 3D effects and Virtual Reality
  • Filming – studio or location
  • Audio production – voice / music / effects

Broadcast Platforms

  • Television
  • Internet – all compatible digital formats
  • CD-ROM – all compatible digital formats
  • DVD
  • Mobile phones and handheld devices

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