Website Hosting

Website Hosting Explained

What is website hosting? , Why do I need it, and what is the differentiation between website hosting and the actual website and website design?

Well start at the beginning and look at all the concepts around the Internet, web sites and website hosting.

Internet Access , this is a basic service that you need to access the Internet.

This can be compared to getting your licence to drive a car. You need a dial-up or leased line access to the internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). So that you can get onto the Internet and browse different web sites. You can even purchase products on-line. You also have access to email, but your email address is normally linked to that of your service provider. In other words, your email address may be something like where ‘Lantic’ is the name of the ISP provider.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name example , where 1021 is your domain name. Domain registration can be compared to you deciding to get your own business. Your Domain Name that you register can be compared to having a company name, or identity, through which you want to conduct business.

Website Hosting

You will not be signing a shop-lease, you will sign a hosting contract to rent hard disk space. This is therefore an ongoing, monthly cost.

An Internet Service Provider may, or may not, provide website hosting services

A website hosting service provider may, or may not, provide Internet Services (e.g. dial up, DSL)

You do get companies that provide all services – Getting access to the Internet, providing hosting space, AND providing web designers to design your website.

The most common scenario however is that you get companies that specialize in Internet Service Provision, you get companies that specialize in Website Hosting services, and you get companies that specialize in Website Design services.

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