Digital Business Cards

What is a Digital Business Card?

It is a miniature cd-rom, almost the size of a business card, that can be viewed using any standard tray loading PC cd-rom drive. This miniCD can hold anywhere between 25 – 60 MB of data, depending of the size of the disc. This will provide you with ample space for your digital business card.

CD Content Creation:

Ten2One media and design will create dynamic, rich content to suit your needs. We’ll create the multimedia for your business card that will be accessible from both PC and Macintosh platforms. We will design a CD-label that will complement your corporate image and finally duplicate the master copy on the miniCD. There are different shapes of miniCD’s to choose from.

You can combine your business card, product brochure, sales presentation, website hyperlink and much more onto the Digital business card – in the shape of a normal business card. Your digital business card becomes so much more effective than the normal business card by adding the power of video, sound, interactivity, animation and the internet to make the message you would like to convey so much more powerful.

Your company’s digital business card will definitely stand out amongst the clutter of all the business cards floating in the market place. The ability for your digital business card to link customers to your web site will give customers instant access to updated information on your products and/or services.

Uses for the digital business card:

  • Interactive business cards
  • Interactive Portfolios
  • Links to your web site
  • Sales & Marketing Presentations
  • Interactive Product Brochures
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • New Product launches
  • Electronic Press Kits
  • Interactive Annual Reports

The most powerful element of the digital business card is the accessibility of the customer to link directly to your website. The potential of the Internet is slowly but surely unfolding and companies can no longer rely only on search engines alone to generate hits. Other marketing methods will need to be put in place to support and increase traffic to your web.

It is extremely important to consider the relevance of your users to such a product since the cost of production may well prove prohibitive if you cannot guarantee return on investment. The digital business card is mostly relevant for business to business marketing and is definitely not seen as mass marketing tool.

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