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Multimedia to ensure the sizzle and create the “Wow” Factor

Multimedia is the high five, the hole in one, the ace, you got it -will you marry me experience, projected through various design techniques. PowerPoint has long lost its touch or its impact!

Ten21 combines text, audio, graphics, video, animation, still images and interactive features to create an extraordinary and unforgettable product for your company.

With the technical evolution in mind, remarkable multimedia is really a prerequisite to position your brand in its niche market. The point is, if your brand wants to leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers, incorporating multimedia in your proposals, presentations and also website will be most effective.

Ask yourself if your site is visually appealing and if customers can easily understand the multimedia. If not, rethink the design and functioning of your website as it has the potential to become your best selling point. Short multi-media and video clips are proven to attract attention and be viewed much more often than website visitors taking time to browse and read all your pages.

Why choose Ten21 for your Multimedia productions?

Our team of strategists, copywriters and animators carefully conceptualize and storyboard a highly effective multi-media production that will be nothing less than ‘mind blowing

At Ten21 design house we consider our striking, powerful and intriguing multimedia designs as the 50 shades of Grey of all books, the Nando’s of all chicken and basically the 8th world wonder.

For your website, presentations, videos … possibilities are endless!!

So let the Ten21 creative team assists you in conceptualizing and creating multimedia for your website or proposal that will immediately catch your target audience-hook, line and sinker.

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