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The true power of your Corporate Identity

Richard Branson successfully personified his multi-million dollar company, Virgin, by attaching just one concept to his brand – FUN.

Yes, the ‘F’ word successfully positioned the Virgin brand as the Disney Land of all corporate businesses.

Now every time you see a Virgin logo you cannot help but associate it with innovation, audacity and above all enjoyment.

What did Branson do right?

He created an unforgettable brand experience for his customers. He created a bold corporate identity.

Branson knew that the strongest bond between a corporation and the public could merely be created through human emotion, and what is more emotionally significant than fun. With a striking logo and a powerful emotional connection, consequently a brand wonder-boy was born.

The Virgin corporate ID created conversation around the brand and word of mouth quickly escalated to a lot of free media coverage and even more brand loyalty.

Behold a Corporate Identity fairytale!

Is your corporate identity a runway model or an extreme makeover candidate?

Your corporate identity is the visual and aesthetic means by which organizations, businesses, manufacturers, and, most importantly, your consumers recognize and associate you as unique within the market.

Are you doing it right?

What makes you extraordinary, unparalleled and exceptional?

Your company’s corporate identity can be formed by many of the pieces that form a communicational style: logo, letterhead, business cards, folder, inserts, envelope, etc.

A strong identity strengthens your brand, becoming recognizable to the target audience; but most importantly, it is much more than the visual. A true Corporate Identity is the “personality” that is associated to your brand in all its individual elements.

The Graphic Design Team at Ten21 will identify that aspect of your company and focus all our efforts on creating a Corporate Identity which will not just set you apart in appearance; but appeal to your target audience, customers and potential clients’ emotions and senses.

With our Strategic Marketing Guru’s on-site – we are able to do for you what Brandson did for Virgin. Although all the supporting visual elements where in place; the strategic connection made with “Fun” was done through other means such as his book “Screw it, let’s do it” for example.

Why use Ten21 to create your Corporate Identity?

Ten21 prides our professional team of design and marketing experts. If you are looking for the whole 9 yards and not just the visual designs or a revamp; it is advisable to schedule a joint session with the design and strategic marketing team.

If your company has an existing identity we can better strategise and redesign it to further differentiate your brand in order to reach your target audience more effectively. If you have to start from scratch Ten21; can create an unequaled personality for your corporation that consumers will easily identify with – and what will the identify with… quality, service, the extra mile…?

Rethink your communication with 1021 media and design and see your brand evolve far beyond your expectation.

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