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Multimedia presentations that impress

Are you bored with your existing PowerPoint presentation? Latest technology enables you to create a world class multimedia presentation that will put your company, small, medium or large – on the map. A multimedia presentation is equal to recruiting a top sales person @ a once-off cost and will be a definite marketing asset for your company. A multimedia presentation evokes your audience’s senses through audio, visual and animated graphics and is brilliantly orchestrated to convey the best selling pitch.

Uses and Applications:

  • Top corporate presentations and interactive business, designed to inform, educate and WOW the audience.
  • Sales messages that are structured
  • Assisting your sales reps to introduce and market your company to acquire new business.
  • E-book and digital brochures designed and developed to speak and create memorable and exiting experiences that people will enjoy receiving.

Compare Multimedia to alternatives:

  • It offers the power of swaying presentations and professional training modules.
  • It involves the audiences and prompts a reaction
  • Audiences are educated; they appreciate and remember your message.
  • Research shows that combining audio and visual, you will double information retention.

Today, in a time where people’s attention span seems to grow shorter, multimedia presentations keep the audience’s focused for much longer. The designer’s challenge in multimedia presentations is to foresee the presuppositions and circumstances of the user at the time of receiving the information.

Tips for creating great multimedia presentations

Define the objectives for the presentation

  • This is the key element to work on while preparing your multimedia presentation.
  • Why, what and for whom are you creating this presentation for? Who is the target audience?
  • Is the multimedia presentation about yourself, your company, it’s product and services or your sales and marketing strategy etc.

Take time to prepare your multimedia presentation

  • Don’t rush your preparation of your multimedia presentation
  • When your multimedia presentation is planned thoroughly, you will avoid unnecessary expenses, time wasted on changes and major frustrations!

Avoid those boring bullet points in corporate presentations:

  • The one common factor in most corporate presentations is that we see a lot of bullet points.
  • These are extremely ineffective and can be replaces by visuals and / or graphics.
  • Research has shown that the chances of your goals being achieved will double from 33% to 66% when using visuals and graphics in your multimedia presentations.

Less is more, keep it simple:

  • Do not pack large of amounts of information into a short time period.
  • Too much information can cause clutter and loss of interest
  • Simplify your message and your audience will be able to grasp.

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