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Gone are the days when your weekly newsletter for your sowing club is delivered by post. Where weekly updates was a timorously exercise and the posting delays restricted events. There is almost not a home around the glob that does not have a PC in some format that gives the whole family access to the rest of the world with the click of a button.

Newsletters today are almost all exclusively electronic. Not only for the convenience of speedy delivery and its cost effectiveness, (with the cost of printing eliminated) but mostly because your audience can be reached across the glob. Think about that for a moment before you say that your sowing club is only for your security complex.

Many of us have family spread out across the glob with whom we mostly communicate over email. Our daily lives have become so entwined with the internet capabilities that restriction to club membership has now been stretched from regional to exclusivity.

Now stretch that same thought to your company.

It becomes possible for a small town agricultural development to receive informative electronic newsletters from larger, more successful companies half way across the world in the blink of an eye, assisting in growth and innovative problem solving strategies affecting both companies. Further more, electronic newsletters often give an email link to the writer of the newsletter enabling the reader to send comments, questions and suggestions, rendering the newsletter an inter-active electronic document with no boundaries.

The professionally designed electronic newsletter

Okay, so you say that the electronic newsletter, however large the distribution, remains a personalized document used for specific informational gain, right? So why would you use a professional design company to handle such a document when you can clearly do it yourself?

The downside of the internet is the amount of spam that floats in cyberspace. So much so that almost all the homes talked about in the beginning has extensive spam filters designed specifically to stop the spread of electronic newsletters and their counterparts.

The professionally designed electronic newsletter will be constructed in such a way as to bypass these filters to the best of their capability and thus enabling your recipient to receive the document that you intended them to. But most of all your newsletter is also designed to create brand awareness for your company (hey any marketing is good marketing)

Your corporate identity should be well reflected in your electronic newsletter as far as possible without limiting the newsletter’s capabilities. Only a professional design company will be able to help you with a design and layout that will both suite your requirements as well as optimize your exposure and extend your information reach.

Back to basics; spend some money today to make more money tomorrow

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