Search Engine Optimization – Website Design

We offer a variety of Search engine optimization services and will include the following:

1. Website Detailing

With website Detailing we carefully look at your website and identity a number of features that need to __be included / added to your website in order for your website to become search engine friendly. We __the make recommendations in a report and consult with you on the changes that need to be made.

2. Search Engine optimization

With this service we actually implement the recommendations onto your website and go though our __check list to make sure that every important factor in search engine optimization has been checked and implemented.

3. Search Engines Submission

We do submissions to the various search engines as well as directories.

4. Monthly Reports

It is very important to know exactly what your website is doing and where you are ranking with your keywords and that why we send you a monthly report on the following:

    • Hits for the last 30 days
    • Traffic per day of the week
    • Traffic per month
    • Country of Origin
    • City of Origin
    • Referrer Summary (Excluding Search Engines)
    • Search Engine Summary
    • Entry pages to website
    • Rankings on top 4 Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization Packages to increase website traffic:

      • This solution covers the Meta tags, Title tag, Alt text, Text links and Copy editing to include the selected keywords on separate pages.
      • These packages also include link exchange with other websites.
      • We will complete the Search Engine Submissions for you.
      • We will send you a monthly report on your keywords phrases and where they currently rank.
      • Monthly reports on Total & Unique visitors, Search Engine referrals and visitors for the last 30 days to your website as well as Country of origin of your visitors .
      • Depending on your rankings, we will complete a re-optimization of your website and do a resubmission.
      • There is NO once-off fee involved.
      • You cancel this service at any time
      • If you do not have enough pages on your website, we will create the additional pages for you.