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Was a business card always just a business card?

Business cards originally started out as visiting or calling cards used in the 15 th Century in China . They were used to announce one’s arrival to the hostess. No self respecting lady or gentlemen was ever with out a visiting/ business card as these were an indispensable attribute of etiquette and testament to sophistication. Business men used their business cards for the same reason and thus introduced the first distinction between business cards and visiting or calling cards.

The business cards today can, much like the olden days, be classified in two separate categories. Fanciful business cards , professionally designed and produced and functional business cards , produced cheaper and without particular design. The fanciful business card was (and still is today) used to show that there is nothing impossible for the business card owner, testifying to the high quality of the company, its workers and its products or services as displayed on the business card, usually on the reverse side .

Originally, business cards (called trade cards up until the 19 th century) was used as the most popular and effective marketing tool . Each business card would have a map printed on the reverse side of the business card , directing prospective clients to the business’ premises as there was no formal street naming or address system used in those early years.

The business card ~ Still a powerful marketing tool.

Early corporate rivalry between business owners competing for the same market resulted in an explosion of innovative business card designs that was directly responsible for the fast growing of the developing printing and design industry, each business owner insisting that its business cards be more beautiful and more expensive looking than its competitor’s business cards. But, the business card would be useless if it does not reach the prospective client, right? The business card is most commonly used along with networking events where you meet prospective clients and suppliers, but optimizing such a great asset as the business card can be done in more ways than one.

Look around to where you often find so called “lost” business cards , in a shopping trolley, on the sink in a public restroom, on the table at a fast food restaurant, inside library books, on the counter at ATM machine, inside magazines at your doctor’s office. These aren’t lost business cards they where left there …. for you to find them. Audrey Okalneko said: “make it your goal to distribute 100 business cards a week and watch your business grow”.

You and your Business card : Does size matter?

When designing your business card it is imperative to take a moment and decide on the exact purpose the business card will have to fulfill. The type of business card and layout will be determined either by it merely being a recognition tool as to remind the recipient of the nature of your business or whether you would like the business card to be a face of your company, enticing the recipient to contact you rather than your competitors? If you answered yes to the last question it would be wise to contact a designer or designing company that has good working knowledge of business card design techniques and current business card trends . By collecting as much information as possible about the latest types of business cards on the market you will ensure that your company’s business card will be one to remember, thus remembering you and your company next time they require your type of services.

Choosing your business card design and layout carefully would render your business card a very cost effective and powerful marketing tool at the tip of your fingers. The design technique to create business cards that is either smaller or larger than the standard and original size is no accident. The size of your business card can have as much of an impact on its overall appeal as the design and layout . Smaller business cards fit easily in any pocket or wallet. Larger business cards stand out among the sea of business card collections found at the reception desk of almost any company.

How do I choose the correct design company for the job?

It is true that there are a magnitude of business card design companies out there that advertise themselves as specialists. They usually display hundreds of different types of business cards on boards at the reception area in an effort to convince the prospective client of their efficiency. Their most common way of distinguishing themselves from their competitors are price wars because one business card design company is very much the same as the next. And if truth were to be told, so is their business card designs , the one much like the next.

102One is a young and vibrant design and media house. Their expertise range far beyond the borders of competitive design work, they strive to put your company on the map with innovative ideas that will turn your company into a trend setter instead of a trend follower. They boast with young energetic and innovative designers, hungry for new and fresh approaches in an age old industry, waiting for a client with equal enthusiasm for his/her business to take to the next level and become a key player in a very competitive business world.

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