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When it comes to Photography only the best is good enough!

Photography may sound a simple process of recording pictures, but he process however is more complicated than just pointing your camera and taking the shot.

Truly, photography is an intricate art form just like any other; and both a delicate and time consuming task. From model shoots to intricate product photography or on-site work; a professional photographer is of the essence to ensure the quality output you require.

The quote from Matt Hardy is so true! “Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph”

Unique, Quality Photography

Photography has many faces and each of them unique in all its various facets. The broad spectrum includes commercial, portrait, wildlife, fashion, advertising, food, product and fine art photography. And within the new world of “digital” and technology, there is no limit to the potential of work in each of these areas; whether photographs or videography; and then the enhancements and additions that can be added with expert graphic design.

Quality photography is thus based on the innovations brought to the table by the photographer rather than the object or person photographed.

Ten21 for all your Photography needs

When you have a photographic project to compile you would search for an experienced photographer who preferably has knowledge and abilities in all forms; yet specializes in the specific type of photography work you require.

You would want the right person who is respectful of your brief and expectations, flexible to recommendations; but is also willing to guide your project in the best optimal way.

The compliment of Ten21 Photographers are exceptional with the best of the best suited to the different types of photography our clients request.

After carefully listening to your brief, we will ensure that the correct photographer is allocated to do either your photographs or video. Depending on the use of the photos; the strategic team is available for advise in terms of flow-out to marketing materials; and our in-house design team stand ready to do any adjustments and enhancements to give you the exceptional!

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