Maximum impact at every point of exposure!

The power and importance of copywriting may have been underestimated in the past; but this is fast changing as companies realize the power of words to ensure maximum impact at every point of exposure with their clients.

Whether it is print media, digital or website – professional copywriters know how to capture the mind and hearts of your readers; relay your message in a style that achieves a desired result and leave an impression that lasts!

When it comes to website design and website content; creating suitable, informative, yet enjoyable copy to read improves the overall user experience and stimulates longer stays with more pages viewed.

It is important to highlight that copywriting in itself has evolved as the digital world has revolutionized; thus no longer just compelling worlds on paper – the content of your website plays an integral role of modern day SEO for your website. It is the copywriter who creates compelling content that ensures your pages include the most commonly searched key phrases and words so that it supports your website ranking.

Compelling content is favored by search engines, but if you don’t use the words people are actually interested in and actively searching for, you’re missing a lot of traffic. If you desire traffic, subscribers, revenue and influence – everything you need to be profitable, choosing the wrong words will leave you unnoticed.

The Pen can be more powerful than the sword, but then it needs to be a sharp pen!

Our highly specialized Copywriting team who work hand in hand with the graphic design and web design team; know how to create or re-write copy for your website to ensure relevant key words and key phrases are included so that this can be indexed when customers use search engines.

Our SEO Copywriting Team firstly creates copy for the user based on your brand and message; and thereafter ensures that it is SEO friendly. To maximize your website’s on-line potential – copywriting of the correct content in the correct way cannot be ignored.

Ten21 offers Content Creation, Copy re-writing and editing services for all your copy requirements. With many years of experience, leave the task of hatching the “big idea” for us to come up with and to use just the right creative concepts that perfectly suits the particular promotional medium in question.

Copywriters know how to use the power of words and how to apply such power to create a speech that leaves listeners in awe, excitedly click “buy now” to get your product and take action to request a quotation! The words of writers have both started wars and changed history! Used correctly, the emotional centre is touched and people are drawn to your brand, service or product. There are few people that “can’t write” if they had to put their mind to it; but real copywriters are a rare breed.

Do it right the first time! Our team will not only deliver the highest quality content perfectly tailored to the specific promotional medium; but will ensure the “golden thread” that represents your brand, your corporate identity and company personality throughout.

Here is a quick glance overview of our Copy and Content creation services:

  • Professional copy writing services for all promotional materials
  • All mediums (digital and print) including speeches, corporate profiles and brochures
  • Television and Radio scripts and copy
  • Multi-media copy writing and story-boarding
  • Original slogans and pay-off lines
  • Content Creation
  • Copy re-writing
  • Proof reading, editing and translation
  • Website copy writing
  • Specialist Website copy for Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimizing current website copy for Search Engine Optimization
  • Articles and Blog management for SEO rankings

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