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3D Brand Characters communicate your message in a visual language!

Are you searching for the right partner to develop the perfect branding for a new product or service? Are you finding it difficult to communicate abstract concepts or complex processes? Then let Ten2One media and design create a cutting edge 3D brand character that can become the face of your company or assist you in getting your message across.

Animating an expressed 3D character currently requires manual rigging to specify its internal skeletal makeup and to define how the input motion deforms its exterior.

Creating a 3D character is an effective way of connecting your business to a memorable 3D character animation that can win new customers. 3D product animations will allow for your product to come alive and can create worlds unavailable in real life. A 3D character should be used repeatedly in other marketing mediums.

When you make the decision of using a 3D character, you have to consider what character would be appealing to your target market? You don’t want to create a “tokolosh” character if you are marketing to the emerging communities. Depending on the message you want to convey, your target audience may find it offensive and might create a negative connection to your brand. So think carefully from all angles when choosing your character. Ten2One will work with you to determine which character is best suited for your company’s marketing objectives.

3D characters for branding:

Brand building and the brand-customer relationship are essential elements to your company’s success. You will either establish a brand-customer relationship or it evolves with you. You can be in control of how your target market perceives you by using 2D and 3D character animations to develop a strong and consistent corporate identity.

With brand characters, the audiences see the character and immediately associate it with your product / service. For instance, Vodacom’s meercat Mo, immediately creates an association with the brand Vodacom or their product: cell phones or airtime service provider. It is a unique character with it’s own personality, tricks and mojo with the female species…

3D characters for communicating:

When information is presented through a guide, people learn and retain that information far better if they are asked to make sense of it on their own. 2D or 3D character animations can be extremely useful in explaining complex products, intricate charts, technical processes and many more. 3D Animated characters can be effective training manuals that can assist you in educating new employees on operating systems, demonstration of how a product works, emphasize warnings and much more. People are sure to receive your message regardless the nature, when they are guided by 3D animated characters

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