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Go virtual reality, go… with life-like 3D Graphic Fly-through Animations

Imagine seeing a 360 degree video, or a camera moving through your house room by room before a brick is laid. This is the power of virtual reality…

A picture tells a thousand words but an animated video tells a million. 3D fly-through video animations are the best way to view your project, property development or interior design.

Uses for 3D fly-through architectural animations:

  • House designs fly – through
  • Apartment designs fly – through
  • Residential developments fly – through
  • Commercial developments fly – through
  • DVD’s virtual realities fly – through
  • Web based fly-through
  • Virtual reality footage on DVDs
  • Landscape fly – through

The Fly–through Process:

1021 Media and Design will conceptualize a fly-through camera path that will visually show the scene at it’s best. We will then determine when the camera should pause, slow down or move

around. Once the fly-through animation path is set up we need to process the animation, which takes time. Because we only render our interior architectural animations as Photo-Perfect we require many computers to process the final result. It can take days to render, or sometimes over a week!

It’s important, for timing reasons, that you ensure your proofs and still images (architectural renderings) are perfect before we begin the process of rendering an animation.

You will notice there are a few different ways to animate a 3D architectural scene. We like to “meander”, taking a natural approach to how a buyer would visualize a new development if they were there and could achieve the 3D camera angles we are capable of. We pause, move, look around and take our time. We also ensure that each 3D view is attractive, emotive and inspiring.

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