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What 3D modeling services can do for your business?

One of the greatest challenges facing product developers today is reducing “time to market”. Getting your product to market before the competition is critical to achieving success. Even the most innovative product can fail to yield a profit unless it can be designed and manufactured on schedule. 3D modeling is the key to bringing your product to market first. Whether for visualization or engineering analysis, 3D modeling significantly speeds up the product development process. In this application, they can be used to describe the product to upper management for approval, to provide instructions to manufacturing, or for a host of other development procedures.However, the advantages of 3D modeling are not limited to product development alone. When used in print and web advertising, there are several advantages for your customers. 3D models can graphically simplify complicated ideas, concepts, and inter-relationships for better overall understanding. In addition, the same 3D model that is created for print can be fully animated for use on the Internet to maintain consistency from one form of media to the next.

1021 Design House has years of experience in creating 3D models of architectures or structures for interactive virtual environments on the web and on CD-ROMs or DVDs. Our graphic artists are also skilled in creating 3D character modeling. These characters can serve as an effective guide for various promotional tools.

Other 3D Modeling Capabilities:

  • CGI for Product Development – Computer Generated Images (CGI) by DDA shorten lead times, reduce costs, and eliminate expensive mistakes in product development.
  • Photo Realistic for Print – 1021 Design House’s graphic artists can create photo realistic 3D models ideal for print advertising such as brochures, catalogs, direct mail, trade ads, sell sheets, and much more.
  • 3D Models for Web – When our attention-grabbing 3D models are incorporated into website design and development, the result is a high visitor to customer conversion rate.
  • 3D Models for Virtual Reality – We can create 3D models for virtual tours or demonstrations for added dimension and effective presentation.

Why is it so important?

With years of experience and a proven track record in the field of graphic design, 1021 Design House knows how to produce the 3D models that will result in greater business benefit. Starting with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or an idea, 1021 Design House utilizes various tools to represent your designs accurately and effectively. Then, we edit, analyze, and translate your model to suit you specific application. We place no limits on complexity, degree, or size; what you need is exactly what you receive.

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