Why you need a content management system

It becomes a very costly exercise to commission someone every time and update needs to occur.  If you need to update content or add new web pages on a regular basis, a Content Management Website is the best option!

With a content management website, you are able to update your website yourself without understanding how to edit HTML code or scripting. A content management system is a much better alternative.

It is not hard to learn HTML code, but it is easy to make small mistakes and accidentally alter something and leave your website with errors or inconsistencies.

A good content management system allows you to quickly and easily (and without risk) make changes without needing more than basic word processor skills.

If you want to update simple things like a news section, which must be regularly so that it stays regular; you may only need a simple content management system.  The disadvantage of a simple system however is that you cannot edit the content all the content on your web pages, only on the specific sections enabled for you to update.

If you need to update your content on a regular basis as well as add new web pages, you will need an integrated content management system. An integrated system enables you to edit all the content of your website on any webpage and include any media (text, graphics etc.) and usesfull text formatting (bold, italic) and includes links to other web pages; this system presents you with a word processor like interface that is easy to use.

At Ten 2 One Marketing and design we create simple and integrated content management websites built specifically to suit all your needs!

We believe that Jumla rocks and that is why we choose it as the framework for all our web development work. We have found it a step up from other options such as Word Press. There is nothing we cannot do or solve – no website requirement you may need that we cannot develop!