Web Design Graphics for the Winning Edge

98% of our population are visual learners. You often heard it said: “Draw me a Picture”. This is because pictures speak a thousand words. Content and the use of effective SEO (Search Engine Optimized) copy with relevant key words and phrases are essential; yet the necessity of website graphics and the major role it plays in the marketing of your website is often overlooked.

When used effectively, website graphics is an efficient and effective way to create your desired first impression by the consistent overall image your site creates; thereby encouraging visitors to look at more pages and results in more sales.

The way graphics are used can enhance your website – the quality, relevance and positioning of images is essential for it to look both attractive and professional.

Statistics show that the most effective websites are those that read easily. One way to achieve this is to break up the text with well positioned, relevant graphics that ensure the viewer’s interest is held while you get your message across. It need not be stressed how important it is that graphics should be complimentary to the text, aid in conveying your message and therefore allow the visitor to instantly know what to expect from the rest of the website.

You have an opportunity for first impressions only once, make it count!

Professional website graphics are attention grabbers and will make your site stand out from your competitors. A popular site ensures return traffic and generates more revenue.

The flip side is also true. Poor quality graphics, bad positioning and large files that take a long time to download will have an adverse effect.

Working with graphics is a time-consuming art-form in itself!