Here are some great ways of using social media to improve your business online:


Put Social Sharing Buttons (bookmarks) on your website to allow people to connect with you on your Social Media Channels. People who use social media actively will not necessarily post your site on Twitter or Facebook; but with buttons on your page they are more likely to promote your content.

Create and use a Facebook fan-page to communicate with your audience. It is easy to create a Fanpage and it allows you to share useful information, images, status updates, promotions and more!

Use Google Alerts to know when you are mentioned. If you have put some effort into your Social Media, people will start to mention you through various channels like Twitter, Facebook or blogs. Google Alerts will ‘alert’ you to know when this happens. This is a free tool to get updates related to your name or your business name through email. When you get an update, respond back by thanking the person or posting a comment on that blog. This is a good conversation starter.

Use free websites to share your content. There are many free websites and services that allow you to send your content over the web. Using blogging tools, photo sharing, free press release services and social media aggregators are a great way to spread your content.

Add a blog or article section on your website and write helpful articles. Don’t just share company news or promotions. This helps to attract a regular audience to your website and also, by increasing the pages of your site, you will rank better on Search Engines.

Information is currency – create a PDF E-book and give it away for free! Create one with relevant information that focuses on attracting your audience. Remember to put a link back to your website in your E-book because this is a viral marketing tool and people will share it with friends and email it to others.

If you just did small parts of these tips regularly, you will find it will bring in a lot of quality leads to your website.