What is Joomla

What is Joomla

What is Joomla?

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Joomla under the Spotlight…

Static websites have now become something of the past and Content Management Systems (CMS) driven with the use of a Database is now the preferred way to go when developing websites.

Joomla is one of the top 3 preferred CMS development Software in the world.

Content Management Systems have become so much more popular over the recent years and if we put Joomla under the spotlight, why exactly is this? What is so different from how things used to be and how it is now?


How things used to be:

In the past, it was simple “static” website information download.

The search via whichever search engine would be sent to the web server on which that website is hosted and thus all its related information. So, in simple terms, the search request for a website domain is sent to the related server; the server finds all related files associated with that website including pictures, content, flash and so forth.

The web server then sends all that information back to the user who requested that information. This is “static” and a simple delivery of related files contained in that website.

So that Google or Search Engine request for a static website will receive all related information back from the web server; which can do the same for the same website request to many users all across the world.




There is still a search request for a website which gets directed to the server which hosts it. But this particular server is configured specifically for CMS and recognizes that the requested website was developed as a Database driven application (such as Word Press, Drupal and in our case Joomla!); and thus some processing is required before the website and related Database can be delivered.

This all literally happens in seconds and through Joomla’s Database framework delivered by the WAMP Server on Windows (PHP, My SQL and Apache) as well as the related Joomla website is sent back to the server, which delivers on the request and to the user.

Considering this seems a more complex way of going…

Why is CMS then preferred and continuously growing in both popularity and demand?

The answer is clear…



    • Clients can do all updates without further cost
    • Easily add, change, include and even extend the Website without further developer help
    • With a simple ‘log in’ and a user-friendly back-end; it is as easy as working with any regular Office Application         




Why use Ten21 for your Joomla website development?

With more than a Decade of practical Design and Website Development; Ten21 is the 10/10 of the 21 Century when it comes to our Industry, our Experience and our Award winning work.

We are a specialist Web Development firm; and thus we develop top quality websites to the most complex; as well as develop our Community and Country by teaching our intricate skills acquired through the years to others.


So, in addition, we do not just produce outstanding work for Top Brands – but also develop the overall industry by empowering others with knowledge!

It is our greatest reward to produce top quality websites and our honor to teach those who deserve to learn from experienced practitioners, rather than theoretical trainers.

We pride ourselves in our work and our reward is seeing flourishing students emerge as skilled and empowered people; who are able to harness the opportunities that now open up to them.


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