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Your special Day! ~ Wedding Photography for memories that last a lifetime

Commercially seen as one of the backbones of many photographic studios, wedding photography is much more than that. It is the embodiment of a dream in the making for many years before the actual event took place. It is the realism of a little girl dressing up for the biggest day in her life. Her wedding. When seen from the point of the photographer, wedding photography is a broad combination of many different types of photography combined into a single perfect shot. It is outdoor photography with action shots, it is still life photography with a bride silently waiting for the wedding anthem to pronounce the begging for the first day of the rest of her life.

The wedding photographer has to act as an unseen, unheard capturer of each magic moment in the making throughout the entire day. Most wedding couples today prefer to have their photos divided into portraiture photos which consists of various different professional posses at specific times of the day e.g. when signing the wedding roster, when walking down the isle, when giving each other their rings and any other momentous moments specifically known in the wedding ceremony and action shots.

After these photos the couple will spend some time in a beautiful background setting with members of their family together with themselves and then special posed photos later used of the legendary wedding photo album. These photos are all pre-planned and well constructed with the only real problem being correct lighting. What makes wedding photography such a specialized art from is that the artist does not necessarily work with professional models; instead they are confronted with the harsh realities of ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

The difficult part for the wedding photographer is to capture the special moments that neither the bride nor the groom is aware of at the time. It is these moments that are subject to uncontrolled environments and lighting effects that most often are later seen as some of the most special photographs. As with fashion photography, wedding photographers often make use of external photographic enhancements in order to create those extraordinary results. This is where a good media and design company comes into play.

Colour enhancements and photograph effects often hide the imperfections of the original shot thus instantly become a high quality image that the photographer can earn revenue on. It may be a costly exercise but when dealing with a couple’s most important day in the rest of their lives together, quality can not be measured in terms of monetary value but rather in terms of lasting perfection.

Face it we have all seen a set of wedding photos that turned out as total disasters and it is not a type of photograph that can be recreated in an instant. If the moment is lost it can not be recaptured at the drop of a hat and in most cases it can not be recaptured at all. With wedding photography the photographer only gets one chance to make it memorable. After that the dream is lost to the realities of everyday living.