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Travel Photography a unique service for marketing brilliance

Most of us know it as those self conscious, uncomfortable, poses at a well know tourist attraction.

For those creative people among us, we use the addition of a teddy bear or a gnome that accompanies us on our worldly travels to extradite those disastrous photographs we would rather prefer the Photoshop leaves in the trash bin rather than charge us for.

With the growth of technology we are now equipped with digital cameras that allows us to delete any unsightly shots and only keep the really special ones that can later either be printed at home or sent for print to a professional Photoshop. But that is not the entire broad spectrum of travel photography. In the professional world travel photography is commonly used in tourism brochures and other forms of printed media that is used as marketing material.

This form of photography is seen as personalizing travel packages for their target market, reaching them on a more emotional level. If you see people just like you having fun you would like to join in on the experience right? Of course, and for this reason travel photography as turned into a profession in its own right.

For the adventurous at heart it is probably the best job on earth, exposing the photographer to many different types of situations, people and experiences only a very selected few of us will ever be able to experience in our life times.

What are the challenges facing a travel photographer?

Location – ever wondered who took THAT photo, you know, the one that was taken from an impossible view point depicting vast expansions of seeming nothingness. Someone had to get up there with all his professional photographic gear and wait for the right moment lit by the just the right lighting in order to create the right emotion.

Or you will have to hang off a cliff to get the right shot of your buddy cannoning down the orange river at full force.

Equipment – Different shots requires different equipment as any professional photographer will tell you. Time is needed to change from equipment to equipment which often leads to the moment passing and the waiting game starting all over again