Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social Media is no longer a trend; it is an essential business and marketing tool!

The Social Media Training by Ten21 is a great way to learn what you need to know and get started right away. We call it the Social Media Boot Camp for Business since it is a short, yet comprehensive Social Media Training course really focusing on the basics.

Social Media Boot camp for Marketing

The Social Media Training provided by Ten21 is specifically tailored to teach the very basics because most similar training courses come from the perspective that assumes a prior level of knowledge by attendees. Delegates feel disappointed and confused and more and more it became evident that what entrepreneurs and marketers new to Social Media really want is a hands-on and interactive BASIC course which starts at the very beginning and help individuals to personally get their Social Media channels set up and the give them the essential knowledge to successfully manage those channels.

Social Media can no longer be ignored. It is here to stay.

It can be called nothing less than a Communication Revolution!

The Ten21 Social Media Boot camp is designed for entrepreneurs, business people and marketers who want to harness the power of Social Media and do so strategically and objective driven with the knowledge of key tools and secrets to make it work for them!

The current course focuses on Facebook, You Tube and Google Plus, which are the most effective channels for business marketing. Twitter, Linked-in and other channels are more focused networking channels for people to build one on one relationship and thus create new opportunities.

Interactive, jargon free and very informative; the course is designed to get straight to the basics and empower delegates to know and use these channels to help grow your reputation and business; and is supported with a course manual.

Some elements you will learn:

  • Introduction to Social Media; the benefits and necessity of including it in your Marketing
    • Critical things to know about Social Media Marketing and the new digital world
  • Strategy by doing it strategically so that it will deliver on desired objectives; such as driving more traffic to your website
  • Introduction to Facebook, You Tube and Google plus and why they are the better “marketing” Social Media channels
  • An overview of the 3 channels to understand the difference between them, the relevance of each and thus how they are best applied
  • Zooming in on how to “get started” and set up the different channels
  • A look at the elements of each channel; what can be done on each and how to drive results accordingly
    • Including for example the different types of posts on Facebook to drive different responses from fans such as likes, shares, comments and feedback;
    • Understanding why You Tube is an integral part of your on-line marketing mix
    • Getting a grip on Google Plus and the true benefits in terms of gaining website rankings on Search Engines
  • How to link Social Media platforms together to make it more effective
  • Building partnerships with synergistic pages on relevant channels
  • Success tips, tricks and tactics to plan and manage your Social Media effectively
  • Measurement and analytics – what gets measured, can be improved
  • A manual is included and the session is interactive that gives sufficient opportunity to ask questions

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