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Corporate Identity says everything about your Company!


As soon as folk see my face on the movie screen they know two things: First, I’m not going to get the girl and second, I’ll get a cheap funeral before the picture is over.
Lee Marvin

Oh wait, we are not talking about those types of quotations , we are talking about the one’s we send out in the hope to retrieve real business from. Quotations is one of the most important stationery items in just about any business. If a layman had to define the concept of quotations it would most probably go something like this:

“ It is one single document that has to convince the recipitant that even though you are overpriced, don’t have nearly all the services required and more likely than not will charge extra for the outsourcing of the non-present services , you are, with out a doubt the best company to go with and you will be hard pressed to find better quality service and/or products any where else.”
Layman One

The layout and design of your quotations can say that and so much more. A professionally designed quotation could mean the difference between a prospective client taking your company seriously and accepting the quotation or choosing a different company quotation. A well designed quotation creates a feeling of trust with the prospective client. A professional image portrays not only your company’s high standards but also the high quality of workmanship your company provides.

It is for this reason that it is vital to have your quotation design developed by a professional design company . When dealing with a professional design company and media house you can be sure of a unique market related design of your quotation that will fit in with your over all company image and actively speak for you when you can’t.

What renders a quotation most effective ?

Firstly the important information such as your contact details and address should be easy accessibly and readable on your quotation . But most of all, the entire quotation breakdown should be short but detailed, so as to tell the client exactly what is charged for.

A fatal customer care error is quotations that do not reflect the real cost of the product or service. Most people be it in the corporate world or private sector find it not only annoying but also very deceitful when after accepting the quote , and the invoice is issued, find extra charges that they were not aware off. This method of quoting for products and/or services leads to great dissatisfaction and although you have trapped the client into carrying through with the purchase as described on the quotation of either the service and/or product their return business will be lost, and the quality of your product or service is greatly undermined.

Before designing your quotation template it is vital that you sit down with your design company and discuss the exact requirements for the quotation . This relates to item descriptions, standard extra charges and even discount options that will make the client feel he/she is getting the best deal on the market. After reading the above I am sure you will agree with me that the quotation document is one of the most important stationary documents your company will ever produce. The one design company I have trusted to compile and design my quotation documents is 1021 design and media house.