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The Art of Product Photography

These photographs are usually studio made and intended for publication in a magazine or catalogue. It could be a luxury vehicle or a toenail clipper, but the main objective is to display the object in such a way as to promote its sale ability. But its uncomplicated nature may be deceptive.

The key aspect here is not the product as such but more the setting the product is placed in, in order to capture the product qualities and at the same time captivate the viewer into wanting to buy the product. When considering that product photography was only introduced in the 19 th Century it is hard to believe that a product was sold on any other basis at all.

Studio props and models form the basis of product photography to such extend that it can become quite a costly affair. But putting that into perspective with achieving a competitive edge over your market competition it is quit easily product suicide if you do not at least comply with the basic industry photography trends.

Achieving groundbreaking excellence

Imagine a stunningly beautiful model dressed in a magnificent evening gown, seductively showing off a pure gold and diamond bracelet. It is the same as the jeweler next door right? Now add a grotesque hairy spider on the same hand wearing the bracelet and all of a sudden you have a shock, discuss and admiration all at once.

Mixing emotions that you create with you viewer is the key to groundbreaking excellence. These aspects are discussed in the advertising campaign but it is the advertising agency that will come up with those ideas that will both shock and please all at once.

Making good food “look great”!

Food photography although also classified as product photography is a specialized section in its own right. With good food presentation it is not just about the skill of the chef to make the food look good on the plate, true greatness lies in the skill of the photographer to bring the item to life for the onlooker.

When you see a good food picture it must capture the essence of the product as portraiture photography captures the essence of the photographed individual. This section of product photography has grown as much over the years as all the other sections but most of all its new approach also directly relate to how we view our own standard of living.

When a fresh green salad is depicted on a flat white un-decorated plate garnished with roses, sun-dried tomatoes and hoards of fresh herbs, surrounded by the fresh morning light of breaking spring, it does not just say “this is a good salad” it also says “this is they way I want to live”.

In conclusion product photography is not about the product but more about the illusion it presents towards lifestyle and class definition. It is therefore very important the product manufacturers know as much about their consumers as their consumers know about their product, in order to reach an ever expanding target market