Presentations – Corporate Identity

Your Presentations are an ambassador of your Corporate Identity

Presentations are the method of conveying information to one or more person at the same time. Presentations can be presented in a variety of different ways. The style of the presentation would be dictated by the audience present as well as the nature of the content of your presentation.

The most effective presentations is lively designed and audience interactive in nature and generates a constant interest in the topic presented. The written part of the presentation forms as much part of the entire presentation experience as the electronic version filled with visual effects and other attention grabbing strategies. You are looking for help on your next presentation. Whether it is the first time you are preparing a presentation or whether you have done it a million times and are just looking for new inspiration. 102One is the design company for you. We specialize in designing effective presentations in written, electronic or combined forms and can surely add the much needed life spice to your topic that will ensure a presentation your boss will be proud of and your co-workers will be envious of.

But what can a design company do that I can not with all the electronic presentation templates floating in cyberspace?

Unknowingly you have already answered your own question. Those are all templates and easy to spot. It gives the impression of a “home-job” which is the last thing you would want to portray when there is big money on the table. A design company can create a professionally designed presentation for you that will not only suit your product and company but will also include the target audience in order to effectively capture the imagination of your listeners and keep them captivated long after the presentation is complete. Presentations can be informative, tutorial, marketing orientated or even take on the form of proposals. What ever your reason for creating a presentation, always take in consideration the expectations of your audience and make sure you incorporate them effectively in your presentation.

The design of your presentation can have a great impact on the entire perception of your presentation that could either contribute or undermine the message that you are trying to convey. Well designed presentations can effectively assist the presenter when experiencing presenting difficulties. Not all of us are natural public speakers. Sometimes the nature of our work requires us to become instant professional public speakers. A well designed professional presentation can fill the void where your natural talent takes and thus work for you when you are reaching for the stars. Don’t risk your company’s future with ineffective presentations. Use a professional design and media house to assist you in reaching new heights in your company and your career.

Powerpoint presentations

The powerpoint presentation has come a long way from the original Microsoft word application. Its use today has been developed into a semi multimedia application designed to capture the audience’s imagination as well as effectively conveying your message. The powerpoint presentation today is a user-friendly office tool essential to any management position. The accurate use of these presentation along with unique corporate identity design however lays in the hands of professional designers. Many companies today make use of professional design companies to create unique templates that display the visual recognisable components of their company.

To get back to the powerpoint presentation being a semi multimedia application – unique features added to the original powerpoint Microsoft application has now empowered the user (and ultimately the creator) of the powerpoint presentation to create movement and depth to their seemingly dull presentation, captivating their target market in new and exiting ways.

What makes a good powerpoint presentation?

Occasionally, I’m asked by colleagues or clients to send samples of “great slides” or “good PowerPoint Presentations.” I usually hesitate to send examples of slides since my answer to the question, “what does a great PowerPoint presentation look like?” is “…it depends.” In a world which often thinks in terms of absolutes — “this is good, that is bad” — “it depends” is not the most popular answer. If there is one important precept worth following with powerpoint presentations, it is the idea of simplicity. The best visuals are often ones designed with an eye toward simplicity. Yet, this says nothing about the specifics of a visual presentation. That will depend on the content and context. For example, even the best visuals used in support of a presentation for one audience on, say, quantum mechanics, may appear complicated and confusing to a different audience.

Common design problems with standard Powerpoint Presentation templates

If you have ever been at a powerpoint presentation you would most probably say, “oh I have seen that template before . . . “ and probably comment on the use of the visuals added into a generic presentation. If you present to impress, this would not be the required response from your listeners. You captivating strategy have backfired badly and there is no recovery from this point on.

Prevention is better than cure…

Having your powerpoint presentation designed by professionals is most likely your safest bet. Not only because the design team will create a fresh and new visual aspect to your powerpoint presentation but you will most definitely not be faced with a “home-made” budget production of a topic that should have said the exact opposite. For this reason alone it would not only be wise but also cost effective in the long run to make use of a professional design house to create that special unique and memorable powerpoint presentation template that will portray the right image for your company.