Letterheads – Corporate Identity

Letterheads – your company image on a single A4 page!

Although letterheads only form part of the total company image, it nevertheless forms an important part of the over all operation requirement of any company. Because letterheads are seen as a “legal” form of communication, confirming not only the authenticity of the author but also the company or institution the author represents.

For this reason the letterhead has become an important part of the company stationery profile. Letterhead designing and layout, although slower than the development of business cards has grown into a very lucrative practice.

Business owners dared riskier letterhead designs and layouts, breaching the sealings their competitors have set. In the beginning is was merely a case of typing the business’ name, contact details and other related credentials on the centre top of the page rendering an ordinary white typing page into a letterhead.

Today letterheads have more proactive designs reflecting the company’s mission, vision and objective statements with large logo backgrounds set on a distinctive paper type. Through the years the letterhead has developed from a standard stationary item into a full company image display tool. In other words the letterhead has become a way of the company owner to say, we take pride in our company and so should you.

What to consider when designing a quality Letterhead for your Company

Any stationary design begins with a strong logo. From there it is wise to contact a quality design company and start brainstorming about what the letterhead will most commonly be used for and how best to incorporate the personality of the company owner into the letterhead design .

Because a company is brought to life by the people that run it…

It is important to create a consistent visual presentation and image of your company, starting with the logo, stretching to the letterheads and across all sales, marketing and other collateral materials that your company produces including the largest of all, your website .

The information required for a letterhead design depends on what type of company is portrayed and largely depends on the overall message the letterhead has to send.

Although this results in highly customized letterhead designs , items most commonly found on letterheads involve categories such as address, contact numbers, website and email information, and even testimonials. But the limits are as endless as letterhead designs .

What makes a Letterhead effective?

The most common letterhead quality check lies in the quick accessibility and readability of important information such as the contact details and addresses printed on the letterhead . But on a lighter note a catchy design goes a long way to make your first impressions last.

It is important that your stationary (everything, including business cards , letterheads and compliment slips or thank you notes ) enhance, and not diminish your hard earned image. Letterhead template solutions is easy to spot and will do more harm than good.

Professionally designed letterheads create an instantaneous feel of efficiency and quality of workmanship about the company it portrays, installing a feeling of trust with the client that his/her needs will be met with equal quality and precision.