Invoice design

Invoice design – Corporate Identity

Invoices, we love to send them, yet hate to receive them!

In the sea of confusion regarding types of invoices , billing techniques and payment terms most often generated automatically by an accounting system, most company owners don’t give a second thought as to the actual design of their invoices . Is it an issue worth fussing about?

Invoices are an undeniable part of any lucrative company not only because it is a formal request for payment but also as a valuable marketing tool . Yes you heard me, marketing!

Does your Invoice demand attention or does it get lost among the thousands of other bills?

The invoice document design is as important as the rest of your company image documents . Invoices that is clearly recognizable among standard automated invoice printouts rarely gets lost or misplaced. But that is not the only reason for professionally designed invoices . When developing the invoice layout one can choose easy to read and comprehend fields that the receiver can process quicker rendering your professionally designed invoice a pleasure to process. Earlier I mentioned that the professionally designed invoice can also act as a marketing tool.

Although a business card can be lost in a day of operations an invoice stays in the accounting system for years to come. Your invoice when received by a company may travel through various different hands before it finally reaches the accounts department where it will be filed away for later use, especially when the top boss needs reminding of which company they made use of for your specific services or products. What a pleasure it is to retrieve and easy to recognize invoice and before you know it repeat business is on its way, just because your invoice was the one that stood out from the rest.

What types of invoices does your company make use of and require?

Commercial invoices are most commonly used by importers and exporters. A consular invoice is a document required by some foreign countries describing a shipment of goods and showing information such as the consignor, consignee and the value of the shipment.

Proforma invoices and tax invoices would be more commonly used in the standard business trade sector. The proforma invoice is commonly send with goods on delivery giving a detail of what the final invoice would look like. The use of a proforma invoice is to allow for goods to be sent back and credit notes to be issued before the final tax invoice is produced. The tax invoice contains the company’s tax registration number as well as the vat amount separately from the grand total. This is for tax accounting purposes and required by law.

Another interesting invoice type is that of a dealer’s invoice which is the amount which dealers are invoiced for by the manufacturer for a vehicle plus any optional accessories. Having your invoice make a statement beyond that of monies due, that is, having your invoice designed by a professional design company will optimize your company’s image and logo recognition and thus forms a valuable link in the chain of establishing your company with in its market as a top supplier of services and or products.