Fax Sheet

Fax Sheet – Corporate Identity

What does your Fax cover sheet say to your clients?

Such an ordinary daily used part of office stationary , not often given a second thought to the design or the image the fax cover sheet portrays of your company….

Did you know that your fax cover sheet along with your letterhead, invoice and quotation documentation forms an intricate link in the chain of establishing your company logo into an industry brand name?

Marketing forms such a large aspect of the success of any business. Be it word of mouth or active marketing strategies developed by trained marketing skilled individuals. It is important that prospective clientele is aware of your company and has detailed information about the services and/or products your company provides.

Why should I have the Fax cover sheet designed according to my company image?

If the above is true and trust me it is, then the ordinary fax cover sheet could become a valuable marketing tool. Not only will the recipitant of the fax cover sheet know who the fax is from but when receiving a number of fax cover sheets from your company a powerful pattern of repeat marketing is established. It is a case of optimizing marketing opportunities where they already exist; meaning every time you send out a fax cover sheet you could be generating return or new business.

When booking a company identity with 1021 design house and media all your corporate stationary will be designed to fit a single corporate or private profile. Optimizing any marketing opportunity that should become or already is at your dispense.

Do not settle for a second rated corporate identity specialist that charge an arm and a leg for company logo design work. Choose a design and media house that will put your company on the map.

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