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The history of Fashion Photography

“There is a contradiction in fashion photography: In theory, its purpose is the same as that of a catalogue: to depict the clothes and help to sell them. In practice however, fashion photography has been used as a vehicle for self-expression by some for the world’s greatest photographers.

The art of fashion photography has been diversified with new photographic technology such as the digital camera and digital enhancements. Now you can take a few photos and with the new technology your can created the exact image that you or your client had in mind.

These image enhancements can be done by professionals. The software required to turn these photos into works of art is very expensive. For this reason the industry has started more and more to make use of the professional design companies for the enhancement of their photos.

Explaining the Term: Fashion Photography

The descriptive term fashion photography is widely used for any situation where the clothing is the main objective of the photo to be taken. These photos can be action photos or stationary (posed) photos and can be set in any thinkable environment.

Which doors has digital photo enhancement opened for the Fashion Industry?

First and foremost it has allowed low income design houses to display their clothing in exotic locations without the expenses normally associated with traveling to far off location. Then there is the weather aspect involved in outdoor fashion photography. Those clothing and design houses that still opts for traveling the whole crew to a far off location, still remains at the mercy of the weather and lighting conditions. Photos take in the historic fashion was always a true reflection of the exact environment present the moment the photo was taken.

With digital enhancement it has become possible to change these lighting effects to the best quality possible after the actual photo has been taken, thus, cutting down of shoot times and costs incurred.

A well publicized and very commonly used aspect of digital enhancement in fashion photography is that now the photographer can enhance the appearances of the models along with the setting. This has turned normal people into unrealistically perfect depictions of reality and has caused great upheaval amongst youth and other female concern groups as to the standards this type of fashion photography has set for the normal girl on the street.

Whether the fashion photography industry make use of technologically advance techniques to sell their products, or not. The public have come to expect the very best from advertisers. Due to the fact that the fashion world along with fashion photography is such a highly competitive industry I do not foresee more realistic depictions (photos) of models and clothing in the near future.

The best option to keep your fashion company market competitive is to copy the big design houses to the best of your ability in quality and presentation, add a little bit of your own flair and keep your expenses down. A quality design and media house can help you achieve top quality fashion photography for a fraction of the price paid by large design houses.

Thus keeping you (and your company) on the catwalk of the advertising business.

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