Email Stationary

Email Stationary – Corporate Identity

Enhancing your Corporate Identity and Image through your E-mail Stationary

E-mails (and today email stationary and signatures ) are the most commonly used form of written communication of the 21 st century. It started in 1972 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. The @ symbol used to indicate the location or institution of the e-mail recipient was chosen because the @ symbol does not appear in anyone’s name which could have lead to confusion.

This extremely cost-effective communicating medium has revolutionized each and every working environment and surely no-one can go without e-mail today. E-mail created a fast track where all processes within the company can run simultaneously, offering utmost productivity and a lot of time saved. We all know the saying, time is money. With e-mail it is a double whammy – saving you time and costing next to nothing!!! Opposed to postal mail – you do the calculations…

E-mail also offers a company to stamp it’s own corporate identity on and can be spread to the ends of the earth.

What is the difference between e-mail signature and e-mail stationary ?

E-mail stationary is used to set fonts, background colour, and images that you want to include in all your outgoing e-mail messages. This often is of similar appearance as your company’s letterhead. Although email stationary is a commonly used commodity, careful thought should go into the design as overly designed stationary may be picked up by the recipient’s internet provider as SPAM (junk e-mail) and thus rejected. It is there for wise to use a professional design company with a vast knowledge of internet protocol in order to render your e-mail stationary effective.

E-mail signatures are an insert at the bottom of your email which states your name, title, company name, contact details and addresses.

To summarize the difference between e-mail signatures and e-mail stationary it could be said that; E-mail stationary formats the entire email where as the e-mail signature is only and appended to an email”.

The development of e-mail stationary and signatures.

Soon after e-mail communication was developed the need for personalized designed e-mail stationary and signatures arose. As soon as the first specially designed e-mail stationary and signatures flooded the market, it became apparent how effective they were in reinforcing company logo recognition amongst the masses.

Email stationary and signatures as a useful marketing tool.

How many e-mails do you send out on a daily basis? Be it quick responses to an everyday question or lengthy descriptions of your company’s products and/or services. There is no doubt that any form of communication be it electronic or by postal services, is a golden opportunity to market your company effectively. Most marketing strategies revolve around repetition of the same material in order to establish a well recognized logo and company image.

E-mail stationary and signatures were designed to do that and so much more. Being more than just a time saver when adding your personal contact details and company (personal) address, it can also be a nifty tool in creating a feeling of trust in your companies quality of workmanship.