The Complimentary slip

The Complimentary slip – Corporate Identity

Is a complimentary slip the same as a thank you note?

Although commonly used in the same context they are quite different. The complimentary slips often accompany a gift of some sort that is send to a client as a thank you gesture. Thus the complimentary slip is always accompanied with a gift; the thank you note can be used on its own or with a gift. To illustrate this difference between complimentary slips and thank you notes more clearly we will look at two examples.

The use of the complimentary slip

The practice of sending corporate gifts has become a popular marketing tool. Not so much to create new business as it is to strengthen the trading bond between you and existing clients. One can even go so far as to say that corporate gifts with complimentary slips have become expected courtesy elements of high level trading.

What do your clients expect from you?

Complimentary slips accompany such corporate gifts. A complimentary slip is usually designed in such a way as to include your corporate logo contact details and the name of the head of the company, e.g. CEO, owner, director, or any other form of top management.

There is usually also a space where a personalized message can be written on the complimentary slip to fit the nature of the gift and/or the uniqueness of the situation.

Corporate gifts can take on any form or shape but generally the complimentary slip is designed to display the company logo as a form of brand marketing. If that is not possible the complimentary slip will be sent with to establish the identity of the sending company.

The use of thank you notes

Thank you notes can be sent with or without a gift and would generally be used in specific situations where a thank you is due. A complimentary slip although often used as a thank you note can contain just about any message where as the thank you note is designed just for giving thanks to the recipient.

The most common use for the thank you note (all though used in the corporate industry) is giving thanks to wedding guests for their attendance and later on giving thanks for the gifts received at the wedding. On a more somber note they are also used for giving thanks for funeral attendance but are seen at just about every formal function or event and commonly distributed to the VIP’s attendees.

What are your corporate requirements?

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