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Black and White – Photography

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography has been the basis of the first photographic developments. Technology has developed the photographic industry into a wide spectrum of special effects, sticking colour contrast displays on flat-screen mediums and other related products Black and white photography remains a nostalgic, classical form of photography much like the old LP music mediums have remained popular amongst a selected few romantic hearts.

In the film industry some modern film directors will occasionally shoot movies in black and white because they believe it captures their vision better. This is also true of black and white photography, where many photographers choose to shoot in solely black and white since the stark contrasts enhances the subject matter.

From a personal point of view the black and white photography style creates a dreamy, romantic emotion with the onlooker which in some cases can be quite surprising when the subject is a dramatic almost morbid seen.

We have added a few of those pictures to illustrate just how effective emotion creation a black and white picture can be so I would suggest that you take the time to go to an our art gallery on this website spend some time with each of the photographs, drinking in the different emotions the pictures evoke in you because they are truly as different form each other as the emotions they surface in each of us.

Proffessional Photography and Graphic enhancements

Photographers often use colour film and edit the colour out with a grey scaling after the shot has been taken. It is easier this way as it sometimes only become clear after the shot has been taken that, which specific shots would be better in black and white that in colour. Those photographers that have been doing black and white photography for longer will be able to spot the shots before the time.

1021 media and design is one of those unique companies in South Africa that has the ability to send experienced photographers to a site and then hand the photos over to a group of specialized designers that take over the editing process to create extraordinary results.

The combination of these two services under one roof creates a platform for open communication channels between these two very specific fields. It is important to us that the client can present us with a brief on his or her project and know that their vision will become a reality in its superlative form. As a copy writer I am often amazed at how effective a single photograph can capture a scene without any addition of words. It is a phenomenon that often leaves me (quite out of character) with out words…